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Product Leadership Coaching

Helping product leaders go from overwhelmed to empowered.

Anna Peterson - Director of Product & Coach

  • 15 years in tech

  • Design -> Product -> Leadership

  • Buddhism-inspired & psychodynamic coaching

Why sign up for coaching?

Product leadership can be challenging, demanding, and stressful. It's easy to get overwhelmed or lose meaning in your work altogether. Coaching helps get out of the daily drama, define what kind of leader you want to be, and take steps to get there. A coach helps you find your own solutions, creates momentum, and inspires change.​

Why Sign Up?

How can coaching help you?

Build executive presence

Have you noticed that some people somehow appear senior and strategic? For some of us, it comes easily, but others (myself included) have to put conscious effort into self-presentation. Working together, we can master this skill.

Drive team engagement

Every product manager on your team has their own area of ownership — but somehow everyone is being very reactive. Folks do what you ask for, but not more. Sounds like your PMs are not motivated and lack a sense of autonomy. In our coaching engagement, we can get to the core of the problem and find a solution. 

Delegate & give feedback

Delegate & give feedback — sounds trivial, doesn't it? Yet, most leaders I know struggle with this. They end up hoarding all important work because they can't find a way to delegate effectively, and they wait for some of their PMs to quit because they cannot find the words to give candid feedback. 

However, this is far from a complete list! Coaching is a personal experience that is always tailored to your goals and needs.

What can coaching give you


Over the last 15 years, I have worked in different B2B and B2C tech companies worldwide.  Most recently, I was a Director of Product Management at ServiceNow.


My leadership journey was not painless. It took a lot of introspection to find my way of leading and to build authentic relationships with my employees. This experience motivated my focus as a coach: I want to help other product leaders go from overwhelmed to empowered.

As a coach, I am trained in Co-Active and Neuroscience-based coaching, and I am currently studying Contemplative Psychotherapy & Buddhist Psychology at Naropa University. In my work, I draw inspiration from psychodynamic, humanistic, and existentialist psychologists. 




Address San Diego, CA

LinkedIn,  YouTube

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