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Coaching is not about climbing career ladder

A common misconception about coaching is that it is for high-achievers who want to climb the career ladder. People imagine a coach as a nagging parent who would ask them why they did not do their "homework" and push them to achieve abstract career goals. I hear clients say apologetically, "You know, I don't really plan to become a CPO, so I don't know if coaching is right for me." If this understanding of coaching were correct, I would not be in this profession.

Luckily, that's not the case. Coaching does not have to focus on formal career growth. Coaching pursues changes that are meaningful for you: reducing your stress level, learning to build consensus among team members, becoming a better communicator, strengthening your product strategy skills, changing careers altogether, etc. — the list is endless. The coach does not choose the agenda; the client does.


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