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Why should tech professionals use coaching?

Tech careers can be challenging, demanding, and stressful — especially for product managers and designers who must remain strategic while responding to daily tactical requests. It's easy to get consumed by the everyday chaos of Zoom calls, emails, and Slack messages. You go from drafting feature descriptions to leading engineering discussions, customer calls, and painful negotiations with your cross-functional partners. With so much noise, you can hardly remember what matters: why you chose this career and this product, what are your long-term professional goals, and how to reach them. In the meantime, your peers are getting promoted. You start to wonder whether all your busyness leads to any meaningful outcomes.

A coaching relationship helps get out of the daily drama and get back into the driver's seat. It creates space to reconnect with the big picture of your work, select which of these 137 emails you want to pay attention to, and make sure you are taking enough steps that lead to your long-term goals. This way, coaching brings back a sense of agency and ownership over your professional path. And it feels good to know where you are going


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